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This one is very hard for me NOT only to paint but to rationalize why I'm painting such horror.....All I can say is " Ifeel compelled to show the horrors of war in the fact that maybe, just maybe it will help to recognize the lewd and vulgarity of war in it's extreme anquish it causes everyone. God Bless Us All !

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Joanna Jungjohann 29 May 2008

open our eyes lord, amen thom, thanks for sharing

Alberto D'Assumpcao 08 May 2008

Yes, indeed!!! I can't find a sense for war!!! War is always war... and the most terrific human activity!!!

Lawrence Hickman 07 May 2008

fantasically done great job, awsome

Renata Cavanaugh 07 May 2008

This one brings tears to my is unbelievably sad the evil men can do

jamie winter 07 May 2008

excellent work and strong emotions swell form me as i seethis piece. God Bless you thom