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Aspects of Me

This abstract is a like a condensation of a dream, the many dimensions of me and the things I perceive, feel, hear and touch. It combines the whimsical child with vibrant color and energy with the mature artist represented in the background as a woman in a peach dress playing the piano as I often do. There is a deep maroon velvet curtain that surrounds the opening to my studio as many forms of the music I play come to life in front of the curtain. There are so many faces with different expressions, like the notes, some dissonant and others harmonious. The central character that can be seen as one unit or two heads is a good example of the emotional range of the music. A man with an angry face is attached to the curtain looking very serious, a counterpoint to the carefree and magical characters that emerge as the woman plays on.

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Anonymous Guest

Elf Evans 04 Mar 2021


Kathie Nichols 23 May 2008

Totally awesome Julie!!!!!!!

jamie winter 07 May 2008

beautiful work Julie!!!

Olga van Dijk 07 May 2008

B E A U T I F U L... I enjoy these colors a lot.... (Great text!~)

annette steens 07 May 2008

There is so much to see Julie! Love your words too!