Forever young - Arie Kenig z

Today Memorial Day to ALL Soldiers and victims of war and terror in Israel. Undoubtedly one of the MOST difficult days in Israel, perhaps " THE MOST ". My mother, Hadassa {may she live long} lost her brother {Feb, 12,1955.}, who was a soldier in battle " kravot ha'aatasha " , one of many battles for the existence of Israel. in the area of Bet - Gobrin . Arie was 20.5 years in his death. His name was Arie Kenig z"l,translation: Lion King. He was born in Lublin Poland ,and brought as a baby to Israel by his parents, my grandparents, Le'aa and Yosef z"l. Just before his military service, he learned to be a teacher.He very much loved to traveled around the country. During most of my childhood and adolescent it was a very difficult subject to talk about, it made my mother, or my grandparents very sad. The family actually didn't know the whole real version of the story until, exactly 4 years ago. In 2004, a man came to Arie's grave on the memorial day, and there left a note with a Rose, and his phone number. He knew the story. It seems Arie volunteered on a mission as a sniper, instead of him. After a long day, alone in field of fire, he got a bullet directly in his brain. This man, a friend of him, who hold him, with his brain out of his head, in his last minutes, came to tell the story, so many years after. The real version in a way open old wounds. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TO MAKE A GREAT DIFFERENCE from this story... Israeli calendar is different from the Gregorians. {Every 19 years it unites to the same date } In Winter 1967, my mother went to hospital to give birth to my brother , Arie Dabush, that same day, my grandparents went to visit their son Arie's grave, on his yearly memorial date. My brother Arie was born Jan, 30, 1967 {may he live long } May the memory of Arie, Le'aa and Yosef Kenig be for a blessing. May they rest in peace. May this country will never know more lost of lives in wars, or terror...I wish to thank many of my friends here, that gave me the power to make this special work. If I was not part of this site, I know I would not have make it. This evening, the minute memorial day for soldiers is out, Israel starts cerebrations of 60 years of independence. IN THEIR DEATH THEY ORDER US LIFE ! May their souls will be bundled in the package of LIFE. LOVE & PEACE here, and everywhere around the world. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 29 Jan 2009

A beautiful and amazing moving tribute to a Brave soldier...Your Uncle was a real war hero,my Dear give his life at such a young age for his country is indeed a very heroic thing to do...So very sad to hear...How terrible all war is and how it effects the lives of so many precious people...We pray for peace for your family all of Israel and all the world...God Bless...Wth Love&prayers...Dee&David (((((((((((Hugs)))))))))

Robin Mead 08 May 2008

Very touching and memorable to us all....!!Thank You for this sharing...!! Bless you and your family!!

Steven Torrisi 08 May 2008

Departed friends and family live on so long as we continue to remember them, and in unleashing your talents and passion for art you have definately lived up your obligation and expectation of those before you, and have made your uncle proud, rest in peace.

LouAnn Knight 08 May 2008

I pray we ALL unite in peace.. This is such a beautiful tribute!! Nicely done, Nira!!

geoff cooper 08 May 2008

our thoughts are with you Nira ...