New Life

Gabriele Swanson ©2008

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Leigh Karchner 10 May 2008

What a wonderful little miracle you've captured here..... nice job on the lighting. This must have been a challenge to capture this without attack by mom.

Francis Rivera 10 May 2008

Aww! They're so cute! My little sister found one, but it has almost all its feathers grown already. He's being hand fed and is very healthy! ^_^

Mary Janosik 09 May 2008

What kind of birds? They look hungry!! Terrific shot, Gabriele!!!

Celeste Smith 08 May 2008

Such a wonderful shot !! I always have a momma house wren every year on my back porch and i enjoy them so much !!

Gabrielle Stahlie 08 May 2008

So touching... life is so precious.