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Changing Education, Changing Lives

(c)2008 Back in high school in the late 70's I'd draw lots of things that were fun to draw and I didn't push myself very hard. Not till I was accepted into a commercial art class, at another school, in my senior year, was I really put to the challenge of doing assignments beyond what I thought I could do. But I did them and pushed through with a "B". This GPS like picture was one of my favorite types of drawings to draw to have fun without getting into perspective or actual cartooning. I feel like one of the lucky few, in our public school system of then and most especially now, whose life was changed by such an experience as I got being able to attend that special class. It's only too bad, and a tremendous shame to our nation's children and young adults, that such classes, in whatever field of endevour, are rare and are the exception and not the rule. That should be the first challenge adopted, nationally, to whatever new administration begins in January 2009. Because change without real changes is usually a bunch of hot air.


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Elton Houck 17 Sep 2009

Good work Greg, and I ditto Lynnette..

Ginger Lovellette 01 May 2008

Really awesome, Gregg!

Mark Saxton 28 Apr 2008

super job.

Lynnette Zulli 27 Apr 2008

Hi Gregg Unfortunately for them they have no knowledge of Prayer or a God to be accountable to so they themselves are left to their own devices which are generally guns drugs and egos bigger than the head which holds the hype !! I love youre work so intricate and thought provoking ... I be back to visit again God Bless Your every area of Concern !!

jamie winter 27 Apr 2008

most awesome Gregg!! such detail