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Inner Truth of Nature

Photos of Epiphyllum Hybrid taken yesterday morning, at the studio's garden. Every year this plant blooms for several days, each flower live one day. While it's blooming it's a most exciting experience for me. Each year, I take it's photos trying to find " new details "... to explore more, or capture it in a different way, as if being able to see more of it, understand it's nature better...Yet a mystery. We were given the freedom of expression , in so many ways, if we choose to use it, in one way or another. We were given a powerful power to create by our thoughts, words and doings, yet the choice is made by us, of what to do with this powerful choice. We got the most powerful power to create - it is US. We were given the choice to learn from ourselves experience of LIFE, Yet of others too... AND.. We were given the ability to be guide to others at times, they need us, or at times, we can give our knowledge to others. Nothing is coincidence and there's reason why people come or go from our life. People come to our world , to help us learn, and grow, or to learn from us, to be able to grow themselves...or both ways. We were given the choice to distinguish, the truth from false. We were given the choice to appreciate what we have got. We are responsible only to ourselves, and our doings and how it might affect others. Because each act of us, may it be a thought, a saying or any other kind of expression, such as ART, May affect others, in one way or another. ALWAYS REMEMBER : Stay LOYAL to your own beliefs, or understanding of yourself, your life, or others...since you have a responsibility to YOURSELF, But to others surrounds you. Stay loyal to your own sayings, it represents YOU, So when you use words, think WELL, before you use them. Those words were given you,as one precious gift of LIFE, by a most powerful force, to help you create your own world. Life is a lesson. I am a student of life, everyday of my life. Every hour, minute of my life, is a learning experience. The lesson of LIFE, may seems at times, difficult, but at last you learn your own lesson of LIFE.The lesson in your life, comes to help you grow - remember that always. Thanks so very much, for being part of my own creation of my life. Love you. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 05 May 2008


thea walstra 30 Apr 2008

Wow, great close-up/macro photographs Nira

John Graham Inkson 29 Apr 2008

Yes I understand what you say about capturing something new each year ones garden flowers bloom. Another beautiful and vibrant piece.

Reba McDonald 28 Apr 2008

Great shots and text Nira.

José Fortunato 28 Apr 2008

The close up looks like a ballet on stage ! Great shots