Table for 5

Table for 5

Table for 5 is a fun, modern, colorful abstract piece, created in acrylics.

There is a lot of glazework all throughout the piece. There are both earthtones and jeweltones in it.

The abstract design has 6 prominent blue spheres with one being much larger than the others in the center that reminded me of an aerial (or "birds-eye") view of a table and 5 chairs around it. (Hence the title "Table for 5").

Familiar objects are sometimes difficult to recognize when viewed aerially, but because there is no natural "up" or "down" orientation in the painting; the painting might just as well be hung upside down or sideways. It has an "all over" distribution of interest that defies any attempt to decide on a "correct" orientation or focal point).

There are also 3 purple square shapes in the upper left quadrant. All of these shapes (both the spheres and the squares) have cast shadows and highlights on them for a 3D effect, making them look like they are projecting or jumping right off the canvas!

The background that the shapes are on is a burnt sienna glaze, and there are red geometric shapes and some sage green/gray ones too. There is also a yellow ochre rectangle at the bottom right side.

There is also an alternating rectangular pattern of black and light gray above the yellow rectangle. There are a lot of hard angular shapes here as well as the softer, rounded ones.

I have signed it on the back (so as not to interfere with the artwork on the front).

I show several photos here from differing angles and viewpoints so you can get a "feel" for what it looks like in person.

This is a very interesting and somewhat mysterious piece that you and your friends can gaze at for hours and never fully understand the full meaning of everything in it.

Diane G. Casey


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Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 21 Apr 2008

Awesome composition, I like it.

Lior Goldenberg 19 Apr 2008

Interesting piece!

Teresa Dominici 19 Apr 2008

Nice art work.

Lili Segal 19 Apr 2008

Fantastic work, Diane! So creative! Love the aerial view!

jamie winter 19 Apr 2008

Daine this is excellent work!!