The Not So Lonesome Wolf's Riddle

I AM A JAPANESE WOLF. A RARITY INDEED. I STAND HERE ON MY MOUNTAIN WITH MY COMPANION. HAPPY, THE LAST OF MY BREED. LONESOME, NO NOT EVER AS YOU CAN SEE. THE GIRL AM I WITH IS VERY BEAUTIFUL. CRAZY, SHE JUST HAPPENS TO BE ME! Poem by NoriBento. 14/04/08 ================== Long time ago, Japanese people and the Wolf lived in harmony being proud of each other. About 100 years ago, the Japanese wolf became extinct. We lost the god of the mountain. ================== Acrylic on 60 x 60 cm Canvas. ================== Many thanks for stopping by.

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Tim Linville 28 Feb 2014

You Paint Beautifully,Hiromi.And Your Thoughts are Expressed Equally as Well :)

david porfirio 03 Jul 2008

wow !!!!!!!! where was this jem hiding, shame on me for overlooking this one . first of all the poem was beautiful and understated and fit the image perfectly Bravo NoriBento !!!! as for the painting , i was blown away by this one. great commanf of the solid blue and the gold tones give this a VanGogh quality that is nice .the girl is provacative and innocent and the wolf who looks like a protector of her innocence but can be portrayed as a romantic .Between the painting and the poem this is truely an epic . Well done !!!!!!!!

Renata Cavanaugh 28 Apr 2008

I love the golds you incorporated into the painting. Beautiful

annette steens 21 Apr 2008

beautiful art, love the gold on the water!

Robin Brown 21 Apr 2008

Wow your nekid Hiromi, boy its hot in here. Beautiful art work. Pssst love the new look too but loved the old look as well. ( your new self pic )