Breath Weapon

I saw a painting the other night that showed a Dragon breathing fire... from way down in it's throat! I like to think it's a flamable liguid of some type, ie an acid, a gas in it's compressed liguid from or something, that ignites (some distance away) upon contact with the air.

Anyway enjoy.

april 2, about an hour while the daughter was in the tub. 0.5 mech pencil


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Renata Cavanaugh 10 Apr 2008

Cool pencil work

Patrick Boyle 04 Apr 2008

reminds me of the movie "Reign of Fire" you can see the liquid in the dragons throat before it bursts into flames.Great job on the scales as well Wayne!!

Emily Reed 03 Apr 2008

Super cool!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Emily. I actually forgot to mention that my daughter also helped me with the shading.