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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Mar 2012

I would expect you to play the race card as soon as bspsiole in any conversation, because it is the only defense that you think cannot be addressed. Well, socialist muslim is not a race. It is a political position and religion. Obama hid those very well, during his campaign. I dont care if Obama was purple. He is a far left wing liberal that only got elected, because he claimed his black half to appease the AAs. I guess you forgot he is half white. I do not like him, becuse of his liberal socialist agenda. We will see how many of you obamamanics claim him, after he totally finshes screwing up our economy. I would expect some of you to be in denial no matter what he does. I would like to see him bring the economy around, but socializing and nationalizing our healthcare sytem is not the answer. I guess you want him to cover 12 million illegals that dont pay taxes too? I would like to see them fix medicare to cover American citizens that need healthcare, but not screw up the private healthcare industry in the process. So you can keep your obvious racial bias to yourself. Have you hugged Obamas birth certificate today? Another denial

jamie winter 30 Mar 2008

fantastic macro

Artist Reply: Jamie thank you for taking the time to comment on my work.

Kimberly Rose 29 Mar 2008

wow thats some color! great floral howard!

Artist Reply: Thank you for taking the time to comment on my work.

Lili Segal 29 Mar 2008

Stunning floral macro shot, Howard! Fabulous colour!

Artist Reply: Lili thank you for taking the time to comment on my work.