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Defending The Weak

(c)2008 Warfare is as necessary among civilized nations to straiten out, correct or eliminate a nation or nations with governments which oppress their own citizens and/or neighboring nations, just as a strong righteous bodyguard will, or should, use his or her strength to protect the weak against bullies, thugs and gangs. Saddam Hussein was such a thug. Oh he spoke with a soft voice, smiled for the cameras, hugged little children,....put on white robes and prayed to appear holy,...but inside he was a ravenging wolf! A mass murderer of his own people. Terrorizing everyone with a few of his fellow thugs to control a nation by fear. Iran, North Korea, China, Ethiopia and others use similar tactics. And so will Satan and the fallen angels create an atmosphere of love and acceptance for all while taking everyones souls in deception making all who listen to him and follow him as dead inside as he is. God is love. And Satan has no part of God. He is the death angel, that's all he truely has to offer. Be aware of the first Messiah with his magnetic smile, words of love, peace, peace, peace,...and inside he's death,...eternal death.


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jamie winter 30 Mar 2008

this is just fantstic work

stephanie atlee 29 Mar 2008

Impressive work...well done

Emily Reed 29 Mar 2008


Anne Vis 28 Mar 2008

Interesting expression, Gregg!