This is my Little neice "Ocean". Her pensive face was a perfect picture for a mischievous faerie...


Anonymous Guest

kristie taylor 09 Aug 2004

adorable, she looks a little like my niece sophia:)

richard wynne 30 Jul 2004

this is extremely good and the touch of green makes the pink really stand out

Lindsey Sayles 29 Jun 2004

cool, i love your faeries

Anonymous Guest (IP: ) 08 Mar 2004

Well, I have to admit this is my favorite...I may be a little biased, but this must be the cutest kid in the entire world!! he he..kristi

Anonymous Guest (IP: ) 07 Feb 2004

This fairy is one I like alot because she is trollish, sneaky yet very sweet looking. She looks like she is trying to conjure up something. Very mischievous looking. I Like the firery red and pinks in this picture. The hair is crazy and wild like the eyes but yet she captures you for a second with her sweet yet luring eyes.