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Virtual Reality

(c)2008 In the virtual world of 2012 will be one invention that will replace the tv, the dvd, the mp3, the laptop, the video game, the cell phone, the vibrator, the contact lens,, the hearing aid, the digital camera, the digital recorder, the condom, the airplane, the car, the office, the brick and mortar store, the lightbulb, books, magazines, newspapers, paper, pens, vacations, etc. If yoou think I'm joking, just read on. With a nanochip processor implant in your brain, like implants in your eyes, implants in your ears, and vocal box, stimulator sensors at all the keey nerve ending locations. A virtual world is created for the individual,...tied into the internet,...where everyone in the world can digitally be anyone, see anyone, talk to anyone, touch anyone, feel anyone else anywhere in the world. Virtual work, virtual vacations, virtual sex, virtual exploration of the solar system and beyond. An electronic world of iniquity for all to partake of. HDTV gives a sense of altered reality now,....but this virtual world will, combined with physcal stimulation, will blow tv out of the water,...and a sense of reality will be gone for most. Holoadiction is on it's way to this world,....and will be most peoples world in no time at all. It will also be the way most will experience antichrist,...virrtually. ;o(


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Joanna Jungjohann 20 Mar 2008

totally radical dude!

Lucia Stewart 15 Mar 2008

Great image Gregg!

Emily Reed 15 Mar 2008