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Anti-Social Studies

(c)2008 At the rate the education system in the United States is degrading from it's past performance and previous requirements necessary to graduate, probably won't be long before this type of class will be taught. When the instruction of love and ethical behavior is removed and replaced by physcology,...morality goes out the window. A respect for He Who brings "the good life" and how to treat others is found in the ten commandments or the golden rule. To love the Lord with all your heart, mind, strength and soul and to love others as yourself is a true foundation for a "good" life. Putting God and His commandments back at the beginning of childrens lives is long overdue. Or watch for this class to appear in [email protected]@

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John Cappello 21 Jun 2013

Great cool expression that Draws ya Right in!

Christine brand 11 Mar 2008

I agree, and see your art as an appropriate, creative, truthful and interesting way to get the meaning across. The chairs won't be playing music though. I can see separation, lack of eye contact, faces looking away from each other. Communication brk down! Sad. All I can do is pray for everything and all, myself included, of course. Hang on, Help is on the way. Is it time for him to return?!!!! Thanks for being a friend and visiting my site. It is wonderful to hear from you once more, Greg. I hope you are well, your family and loved ones are safe within the arms of grace and the light of peace. Hugs! Sinseerly CB

Tabitha Borges 10 Mar 2008

what statement on school and social life...

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 10 Mar 2008

yes, and brilliant work and great text!!!!

Cynthia DeMaio 07 Mar 2008

AMEN and I agree 100% Greg!!!