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This is the second version of " The Lovers " With just a bit different background...adding the goldfish ornaments. I replied this morning to a comment about "the lovers "~~~ Actually…It is as if I know them, I painted them perhaps to tell their story in away..MY WAY. ...One thing is for sure.. SHE LOVE HIM…… She love him strongly, even though here, you don’t see her kissing him..perhaps because he starts this love scene… Must she at once, in no time show GREAT PASSION to him…or can she take the time to feel him getting close to her… ?... I see her as loving soul..graceful and soft… She will give him love, no less then he give her…NOT ONLY PHYSICAL…BUT MENTAL AS WELL.. She can’t just love physically without feel his soul…without not knowing more of him. without HEARING him..listening to him, knowing his emotions, by direct words.. The second part will be to feel and to let him feel physically. This is an EXPRESSION of love…the way I MYSELF see LOVE. Because LOVE, is not only the touch of bodies…it’s much least to me.. it’s a touch of words , no less…and a touch of knowing basic things about each other. About saw it yourself…so at least YOU must understand that he love her. Because you saw he’s getting close to feel her… Different people has different concepts about how love must be, I guess.. People see love in different eyes. " As I see love... The physical expression of love must come after a very clear direct expression of LOVE, verbally ,In actual words...not based on assumptions or any speculations. Assumptions or speculations may lead to misunderstanding of the reality, unfortunately. This is part of my opinion..I would LOVE to know YOURS, f you enjoy talking, or listening to ME. After all we support each other in so many moments...maybe these moments be properly artistic...But much more, we support each other's life..Perhaps ,we are very emotional as artists . I'm glad to have met you here my friends, and have had your support in ME, in so many ways...Thank you...!!!

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Anonymous Guest

Greg Vilton 24 Feb 2008

Beautiful composition and colours. A usual, you've managed to tell us so many things through your painting. Great job, dear Nira!

Les Jobes 19 Feb 2008

Again, a heartfelt writeup Yahirati. I am very glad to have "met" you and for you to be apart of my internet life.. would love to visit some day dear friend. I know that you are speaking here of the love between a man and a women and not friendship.. This is a fantastic watercolour painting - Beautiful work! :o)

Artist Reply: Yakirati..I'm glad to "met" you also. I think the internet life are part of real you are part of my life too. I do speak here about a love between a man to a woman..though , you can always take it, to where you wish...of course friendship as well.. And for a woman and a man being in love..a FRIENDSHIP IS A MUST, to my opinion. Sending my positive energy your way...HUGS :-) THANK YOU..!! Nira

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 19 Feb 2008

Hello Nira! I love the concept of this painting. Nicely handled watercolur. You know, I think men are more romantic than women.............

Artist Reply: Good afternoon Rusty...Thanks for your comments, glad you love the concept of this work...I'm very surprise to know that you think men are more romantic then women...I was sure that women are more romantic :-)...But I believe researches surly made in this subject. Anyway, surely there are some women that are more romantic then others ..and men that are more romantic then other men. :-))..Enjoy your evening, Nira

Ruth Kauffman 19 Feb 2008

Wonderful water color, Nira!! Love your story and agree with you!! It's certainly obvious that he loves her! True love is body, mind, and soul...not necessarily in that order! LOL

Artist Reply: Well...reading you dearest's my last smile before going to sleep...a very good night to you...Enjoy your evening, Nira

Gabrielle Stahlie 19 Feb 2008

A real beauty...this watercolouring!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot ,Gaby..Best wishes ,Nira