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December 20. 2003

What do they do at a Barney Party? You don't want to know! (Hint: It includes beer, rocks, Googling, and kingsize purple flannel pajamas.)


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Sarah-Lynn Brown 23 Dec 2003

Did you ever notice that Jade starts fights, makes accusations and them leaves the scene???

Sarah-Lynn Brown 21 Dec 2003

Hey, I must be Psycic or Psycho... I know why Barney Ruble and Barney the Dinosaur are there, But Barney the drunk and I guess the little guy is Barney too...geez! Ear Worm would like a 'Britney' party better.... Don't worry, it's next store. And for escaping purposes all he needs to do is hop into the Purple Dinosaur costume and skip away...doo doo doo (wistle)

Sidney Hipple 20 Dec 2003

The marvelous imagination of Earworm stricks again and as usual is right on target.