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My Winter Back Porch

Come on over for a winter lunch. William Boyer Backporchgallery

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Anonymous Guest

Ginger Olansen 07 Apr 2020

Hey William Boyer. How are you? Have not heard from you in ages. Its ginger. That snow is getting deep. We only had 3 inches this year in VA.

Joanna Jungjohann 16 Feb 2008

way! next time it gets like this call so i can come clock you with a power snowball! hahahahaha

David Letterman 12 Feb 2008

That lazy bird needs to get out of that feeder and shovel some snow!

jamie winter 11 Feb 2008

and yet another blizzard is hitting us tongiht................................. great shot WB

Alberto D'Assumpcao 11 Feb 2008

Spectacular images, William!!! What a lucky guy!!! I've see snow only 2 times in my life!!!