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Black-necked Swan

©Delores J. Knowles 2008 -- Black-necked Swans (Cygnus melancoryphus) are easily recognized by their white body and black neck and head.  They have a white stripe behind the eye.  The bill is blue-gray with red caruncles (fleshy enlargements of skin at the base of the bill).  The feet are pale pink.  Males and females look alike, but females may be slightly smaller.  These swans are not native to North America but were imported during the early 1900’s by large cities and wealthy individuals as decorative fowl for their ponds. The ones found today are descendants of these imported swans. This lovely specimen was photographed in Polk County, Florida.

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Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 27 Sep 2014

Nicely captured! This One is Rather inspirational.

Bunda Erika 25 Mar 2008

a majestic, beautiful creature *~*

alma groskinsky 12 Feb 2008

Beautiful shot there not too common nice to see one so majestic....

Artist Reply: Thanks for the kind comment on my Black-necked swan image.

Les Jobes 05 Feb 2008

So graceful.. they just are like ballet on the water to watch them swim. Wonderful colours and clarity - fantastic photo. :o)

Tamara Blecker 04 Feb 2008

Your photography is amazing. The swan is my favorite. All of your photography is wonderful. I love the swan.

Artist Reply: Thanks for the kind comment on my Swan image.