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Sandhill Crane at the Pond

This lovely female Sandhill Crane (Grus Canadensis) caught the morning light just right to show off her lovely colors. She’s half of a breeding pair that make their home around the pond out back. There are very little differences in appearance between the male and female Sandhills. On average, the female is a little smaller than the male. I had been watching this pair for several months and my identification of her sex was confirmed when she layed her two eggs last spring. Photographed in Lake County, Florida.

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Anonymous Guest

Angie Swihart 07 Feb 2008

Fantastic shot!!

David Holcombe 03 Feb 2008

The touch of red in the head is wonderful. It makes all the green really come to life. Such stately beasts. Hard to believe they are just dinosaurs with feathers.

stephanie atlee 03 Feb 2008

What a handsome bird...well shot and captured

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 01 Feb 2008

GORGEOUS Bird photo!!!:)

Minnie Shuler 01 Feb 2008

This is sooo beautiful.