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de Wadden©

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Translation Dutch song:
Every stone, person, act of kindness, every little thing, does make a difference and changes the course of the river of life.

Evolution of the DUTCH Wadden Sea
About 70% of the earth's surface is covered with ocean water; the coastal line along the landmasses is accordingly long. Therefore it is very surprising that the coastal section between Den Helder (Netherlands) and Esbjerg (Denmark) - the Wadden Sea - is unique in the world.
The evolution of this magnificent area has been developing for over 10,000 years and it is still going on, for which the interaction of following aspects was (and still is) necessary:

* The inclination of the seafloor is relatively low. Sometimes it hardly inclines a few inches per mile. In these areas light and fine material (i.e. sand or clay) can easily be deposited.
* The rivers frequently move fine sand and clay particles from the land into the mud flats, where those particles are deposited. Further accumulation is caused by particles from the open sea.
* The mud flats fall dry twice a day. During low tide, the sand layers are dried and get carried away by the wind, which blows landwards. (forming dunes)
* Sandbanks, reefs and isles in the coastal section break the waters and the currents from the open sea. Therefore, the fine sand and clay particles can be deposited on the ground.

The interaction of these forces shapes the coastal line unrestrictedly; but seen in the long term the loss of land is caused by the rising sea level.

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Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions 18'x24'(46x61cm)


Dear Olga
I just enjoyed your painting, "de Wadden" and the accompanying story of the Wadden's evolution. The music that you added related beautifully to the painting and to the history of the sea; I'm glad you provided the translation, which was very moving.
You are much more than a painter--
you are an ambassador for your country.


Carolyn Taylor

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

John Cappello 29 Sep 2012

First of all Your Marvelous style,Very Skillful and Serene. Everything is well done on this Scene, then the wonderful sky tones and lighting in it.And i love the choice of Colors !

A 4 22 Nov 2011

love this, great work

keith docka 18 May 2010

I can't tell you what I see here, what is so stirring... but I feel it in my soul, What you have captured here is pure, true and simply awesome. You've inspired me deeply, thank you.

Artist Reply: Well Keith, THANK YOU!!! That's one of the most beautiful comments I've ever had! --Love and Light, OLGA

Bernhard Mueller 19 May 2009

Beautiful Olga. I know the "Wadden" and I can say that you painted it in a perfect artistic manner.

Artist Reply: Vielen Dank Herr Mueller!! The Wadden are a spectacular piece of protected nature in Holland!! have a great evening Bernie! love and Light, Moi

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Jan 2009

this beautiful piece represents the majesty of the sea very well Olga :D makes me really miss living on the shoreline and watching the incoming tide at nightfall in Connecticut. thanks for your comments on the Eternal Twins and I'll be placing it soon.