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Federation Fleet Patrol

(c)2008 Ever since the ambush by the bad egg fleet at the meeting place for the peace treaty signing between the planet Egg and the Federation, it is now mandatory that all Federation starships go on patrol duties in fleet formation and numbers. Seems as though the days of lone starship duties are at an end. Lessons can be learned, even the hard way, even in the 24th century. We learned ours here in America in 2001. I guess the old and good saying still applies, "If you do not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it." And some of the best lessons to be learned are in God's Word to make you a wiser person in this foolish world we live in. :O


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Delores Knowles 15 Jan 2008

Great image and I love the writeup along with it.

Emily Reed 15 Jan 2008