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Obsolete Technology

(c)2008 All metal warships built before World War One are some of the most unique looking ships ever made. Like these two ficticious creations of mine,...the real ships of that era were just as bizzare looking with there low waterline hulls, and multiple guns of many sizes. Imagine if our modern warships were built the same way today, we would probably not think it strange anymore than people did at that time. And what's a darn shame too is most all of those unusual ships are gone, never to be seen again except in old film footage. Obsolete technology comes upon most every invention, and some so very fast they're here and gone overnight. :O)


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stephanie atlee 13 Jan 2008

Your work is always so fun...very cool job

Joanna Jungjohann 13 Jan 2008

oop, pic of the day, anony, gregg

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Jan 2008

aw hate sad stories or endings. very fine work gregg. happy new year gregg

annette steens 13 Jan 2008

good creations Gregg!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 13 Jan 2008

fantastic work!! you are unique in these creations!! superb!