" Moshe Levi, Israel's 12th army chief of staff, died Tuesday after suffering a stroke. He was 72. Levi was affectionately known in Israel as "Moshe and a half" thanks to his 2-meter (6-foot-6) frame. His soft-spoken nature and steely reserve also earned him a lasting reputation in a society often accustomed to its smug, outspoken top military brass. President Shimon Peres, who served as prime minister during part of Levi's term as army chief, issued a statement describing Levi as a man of "courage, determination and daring." "There was not a moment in which his service and leadership were controversial," he said. Levi was born in Tel Aviv in 1936 to a family that immigrated from Iraq. He was drafted in 1954 ....... " ........Moshe Levi was my uncle ,Arie kenig's best friend during childhood until Arie was killed in battle in 1955. Arie Kenig z"l the uncle I never really met in life. Moshe Levi actually grew up with Arie, learn together in the same school... AND...even slept few times at my grandparents home...My grandfather as shoemaker made him special shoes because the size of his shoes was not the standard. ...For many many years after Arie was killed , Moshe used to visit Arie's grave in memorial day,EVERY YEAR... like he visited so many other friends of him. His gesture was so important to the family... This habit of him lasted until few years ago, after he got a brain stroke and was connected to wheel chair. He was HUGE personality in his life. " A WARRIOR THAT MANAGE TO TOUCH PEOPLE " ...Moshe Levi z"l will be remembered always . " TEHE NISHMAT'CHA TSRURA BITSROR HA'CHAIM " = Let his soul be bundled in the bundle of life...Thanks for viewing and commenting.

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Jan van Baarle 19 Jan 2008

Nice work!

Les Jobes 15 Jan 2008

Fantastic tribute to a man who served his country with honor, and his friends and family with compassion. And your photo montage of Moshe Levi is very dignified, and pays homage to him well. I am so sorry for his passing and would like to express our sincere condolences.

annette steens 15 Jan 2008

great tribute fom you Nira! I don't watch news and don't like politics so I can't say something about the man.

Natalie G 12 Jan 2008

Wonderful tribute, Nira. So very sorry for the loss.

Joke Schotting 12 Jan 2008

Beautiful moving tribute dear Nira!!