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Visit my website @ 24 x 36 canvas This painting was inspired by stories we are all familiar with, about how we are greatly and positively affected by the places and the creatures we find comfort in. More specifically, it was inspired by someone, who experienced it in a most profound way, and for whom this painting was actually painted. The Chinese symbol for "good health" was included in the pond, because of the ancient and mysterious relationship the Chinese have with healing. from what I gathered in my understanding of the translation, I believe it refers to more than the obvious physical and mental well being, but also represents having a healthy life "attitude" by finding value in our lives... and the acceptance of our mortality. Attaining this attitude, helps free us to thrive, and enjoy an enriched quality of life within our given time. The likeness of the three human beings, represent the human influence and interaction that we need in , and greatly effect our lives. They also form a "triad" which represents birth, life and death. The number three in Chinese culture is considered a sacred and fortunate number. Finally, the attached and dettached lily pads, represent our transformation and the transitions we will make in our lives, beginning immediatly after birth. But thats just my interpretation... This painting is available as a limited edition on canvas.

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Anonymous Guest

Julie Mayser 03 Feb 2008

Your standard of excellence continues. Wonderful text/ opinions , so gracefully put.

Lynn De Serres 03 Feb 2008

Truly magnificent artwork.

Kukua Akumanyi 03 Feb 2008

Your paintings are incredible...

John Enright 09 Jan 2008

what's not to like. your paintings are incredible isr Gilecki. Youre a master of the brush and imagination.

Nancy Woolweber 08 Jan 2008

I love how you do the rock faces. It really is amazing.