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 the road to omni-vertix

the road to omni vertix is a lost city fabled across the galaxy, as the legend grew people from all parts of the galaxy were on a quest to find this place in seeking the vast amount of treasures that lie deep in the caverans a treasure of the galaxies lost civilizations and tales of magic, it is here that the wand of time can be found but only if you choose to take on the deaths of ten thousand creatures venture forth and enter ....

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Anonymous Guest

Kathryn McEwen 02 Mar 2012

Exciting composition...amazing textures!

Andrei Sorokin 25 Jun 2008

nise composition, I love it!!

bobby haynes 18 Jun 2008

My GOD! I still don't know where you find the time or patience for your intrique detailing! Your work is Awesome!

Brendon Jarrell 17 Jun 2008

This is art, I dont see how you get all that detail in to it. This would take me forever!

Piero Lucia 07 Jun 2008

Indeed very unique style Lawrence, beautifully designed and quite original ideas. Congratulations!