The Lord's Prayer Lilies

Digitally altered color photography with The Lord's Prayer.


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Joanna Jungjohann 13 Dec 2007

amen sister. When we have confessed our guilt, the guilt we can never make good, which torments the personal conscience and when we stop trying to repress this guilt or compensate for it, but simply stand there with it, naked and defenceless, then this prayer takes us into God's great light: "Thine is the glory." And we discover that this divine radiance expels the shadows of our guilt and lights up the night of evil. Our life has not been wasted. Nothing is irrevocably past and gone: He will forgive the guilt, and turn our evil to good.

jamie winter 13 Dec 2007

very very wonderful Ruth just so attrative and spiritual

Artist Reply: Thanks Jamie!

Mimoza Oronova 13 Dec 2007

Wonderful work !

Artist Reply: Thank you Mimoza!

Laurin Swango 13 Dec 2007

love the way you changed the photo... the colors are great!! "Forgive our sins as we forgive those who've sinned against us"... that's a hard one to remember sometimes, that we have to forgive too! Great job!

Artist Reply: Hard, but it can be done with the Lord's help! Thanks so much for your lovely comment Laurin!