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Stop Playing With Your Food!

(c)2006 A reload of a picture from late last year with a different title and look for a friend of mine. Hope you all re-enjoy,...thanks,...Feliz Navidad!!!


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 21 Nov 2015

about editing. Formatted books for a few folks recnetly and had to bite my tongue to stop from suggesting they needed to send their work to a proof reader. I even suggested one but you know how it goes, they were eager to be in print. I am as well, but I'm more afraid to open my book and find I missed something. Anyway, back to the original subject, great job on the cover art. Will have to read the book when I get a little time. Best of success with marketing.~Pam July 18, 2011 Pam

Penny Myers 09 Dec 2007

Great imagination Gregg as always.