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Four Wheeling The Center Of The Earth

(c)2007 "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" starring Sir James Mason was one of my favorite saturday afternoon movie reruns to watch when I was a kid. They can make all the remakes and take-offs they want to and throw in tons of special effects,...and they'll never replace the chemistry, professionalism, integrity and quality of actors and actresses of that film or any other films from the "Golden Days of Hollywood". In the fifties version of Jules Vernes classic,'s only too bad they didn't have all the modern equipment we have today that would have made there trip more comfortable, a good 4x4!!!! hehehe :O)


Anonymous Guest

Steve Farr 07 Dec 2007

Wow, Gregg! I too remember how awesome that movie was! I used to watch all the time as a kid! Don't makem like that anymore, do they! And you're so right about all the special effects of today couldn't touch "that" kind of special movie magic!!! ~S

Mike Filippello 07 Dec 2007

Incredible work Gregg!!!!

Emily Reed 07 Dec 2007