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Livecopter 2

(c)2007 "Good morning,...this is Big Dave up in livecopter 2 giving you live footage of your morning commute. Well, looks like a bad one folks. We've got three tyrannasaurs tearing things up at the Big Interchange leading into the city. No doubt about it,...the city streets west, east, north and south of the Big Interchange will be backed up for miles this morning. I suggest if you haven't left home yet,...public transportation is your best bet today,...and for the foreseeable future! This has been your morning commute with Big Dave in livecopter 2,...back to you Tandi!" hehehe :O)

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Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 22 Jun 2013

I'm always impressed with the calm Energy of your Creations,A great source of Entertainment and Amusement!

Joke Schotting 06 Dec 2007

Awesome work my friend!!!

Jay Amatangelo 06 Dec 2007

Very cool stuff Gregg! Your images always tell a story

Lucia Stewart 06 Dec 2007

Excellent work Gregg, these works of yours always amaze me!

Lior Goldenberg 05 Dec 2007

Cool work!