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The Ballerinas


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Christine brand 20 Feb 2008

Hello Jo, so nice to find that you came to visit me and share some thoughts. We have some things in common besides art. I just wanted to wish you well and tell you that I never have forgotten you. I can not be around much anymore because I do not have access to a computer anymore. Don't have my own. I spent much time here before looking for friends and solace. Many times were blessed and I found the most precious people. But some things were disiturbing too so I have had to recess for a while and concentrate on living my life apart from this inside reality of cyber art. It does offer an escape at times worthy of its' cause but can be consuming. I found that I spent so much time looking at everyone elses art that I did not get my own visions created enough. Thanks for stopping in to visit me once again. I love this work of art because of the unusual combintation of glowing colors and the abstract expression. It is like a row of dancers all holding hands in joy and faith. Cool. God Bless you richly in all you do and may we find ourselves Sisters in hope. Lots of Love to you. Live Forever. Peace in the Name of The King of Kings. Sinseerly CB

joan warburton 25 Jan 2008

Colorful and such fun, Jo! Perfect title, LOL!

annette steens 21 Nov 2007

great ballerinas Jo!

jamie winter 27 Oct 2007