A Much Needed Prayer

(c)2007 As the fires in southern california rage on, and firefighters from all over the surrounding territory are courageously battling the flames trying to save as many homes as possible,...a ray of Light has shown through the smoke,...the winds have almost completely stopped. I believe with a strong prayer from everyone,...the Lord will so graceously bring overdue, much needed, greatly appreciated, tropical rain by the bucketfull to bring an end to this disaster caused by wicked people! In Jesus Name,...we so humbly ask for your divine intervention dear Lord in our time of great need. We ask for Thy mercies sake,...and by Thy loving kindnesses to look down with pity upon those who have lost their homes,...and upon those whose homes are still threatened,...and simply use Thy nature to bring much needed rain to quench the flames caused by wicked men. We thank You for stopping the winds,...and, if it be Thy graceous will, bring the beautiful rain with Thee dear Lord so the flowers may spring forth and bloom upon the scorched earth. Please,....dear Lord,....we need Thy help!!! To You be all the glory, praise, thanks, power, honor, and our love,...in Jesus Name,...amen. :O)

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judit dora 20 Jul 2008

Great abstract.

Leah Jaarveth 28 Oct 2007

beautiful work with a wonderful purpose...may the god(s) answer our prayers :)

Mayme Crouse 26 Oct 2007

my prayers are with them tooooooooo

Steve Farr 25 Oct 2007


Emily Reed 25 Oct 2007