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Sharley City Page 2

8X11 pen and ink drawn as two pictures page 1 comming soon to a computer screen near you, far far away in the distant future on a distant world lost in time and on the starcharts, a city that developed on the entertainment foundation, with open space port to all races and religons

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Anonymous Guest

David Holcombe 31 Jan 2008

A wonderful combination of the mundane and the fantastic. The "For Sale" sign is particularly poignant in this day of foreclosures and depressed real estate prices, regardless of the location.

Sara Deutsch 29 Jan 2008

Your imagination and unique style are so absorbing...

Anonymous Guest 17 Jan 2008

You rock the pen and ink medium for sure..what kind of pen do you use? Is it a technical pen or the good old standard speed ball dip? Do you utilize sharpies and brush work too? You really know how to work perspective and use of space especially in this one as the eye travles from the right hand upper corner to the bottom of the you ever work in brown or blue ink and different color papers? It seems like you do. Keep up the FINE art

Artist Reply: well thank you for your kind bad i dont know who you are thanks any way

John Stromme 14 Jan 2008

amazing stuff Lawrence...great stuff

Bill Morgenstern 02 Jan 2008

Very cool. Love the metaphor!