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Fran gazing through the darkness

This image is not for sale due to its low resolution (originated from a cell phone), but is displayed here only to invite comment on its artistic technique and impact. Please critique constructively.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Sep 2007

Beautiful portrait, and adstract work. I love the limited range of colors. Bob.

Mark Peterson 03 Sep 2007

I think your idea here is good Phil, and not bad considering it's from a cell phone. The composition is good, but I think for this to be more effective as an artistic piece you need to lighten up a bit on the relief and try to go for a more softer approach. Some subtle blending on the facial area would give the piece more of a dream state quality which I believe would enhance the beauty of the work. Colors are excellent and the style much like alot of my work. Your on to something here!

Artist Reply: Thanks very much for taking the time to offer your comments. I appreciate them very much--especially after viewing your works. You have some spellbinding portraits. I especially enjoyed Levita, The Portrait, and African Queen (sorry to hear about the AW censor posse). I would love to see your original concept if you have it posted elsewhere on the Internet. You're right about the texture; I had my doubts about it and the blending on the face. That will take more practice on my part. I'm still a novice, but will work on it. Thanks sincerely, Phil.