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Ana Draws

August 28, 2007

My husband, Anthony Tirolese, took some photos of me while I was working on a portrait. This is where I often sit in our living room so I can be close to the family. Today my husband was playing his guitar while I worked on this portrait.

The pencil holders you see by my left elbow (there are two identical pencil holders) were made for me by my good friend:Yves Bureau. The photo does not do them justice. They are beautiful and absolutely wonderful to work with.

If you look behind me you will see one tiny framed ACEO by Jenn Nilsson. On my phone table, by the stylized rooster, you will see a wonderful rock sculpture of a penguin and its baby (cannot see it because the clock pencil holder is in the way) created by the wonderful and talented Corry Stuart. She was kind enough to give this as a gift to my son, Alexander, who loves and collects penguin art.

The Superman belongs to my husband who is crazy about that superhero. :)

The second photo you can see that I am sitting on a messy sofa with more supplies by my feet and you can see the top of my husband's guitar (which he put down to take these photos).

I have a sheet I put on the sofa to keep pencil dust from destroying the beautiful whiteness of it (who in their right mind purchases a white couch!?! -- especially if they are an artist) and the throw you see propping up the guitar head & neck is what I use to cover my feet when they get cold from the overhead fan (my husband and son are usually hot and I am usually cold).

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Joanne Woolley 02 Feb 2009

Hi Ana, lovely to put a face to your name. You look very content, it's how I imagine I look when I'm in the zone too, hehe! I think we should all post a photo of how we look when we are being creative, what a great idea your husband had, lol You are very organised, my pencils are usually all over and I can't find the one I need:)

Olga van Dijk 29 Sep 2008


Loredana 30 May 2008

Hi Anna Great to see you at work :)

Lili Segal 27 Feb 2008

It's great seeing the artist at work.. Great shots, Anthony!

v blair 19 Jan 2008

I love seeing how other artist work..fantastic pencil holder!