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Mitchie a.k.a The General - ACEOs

August 23-24, 2007

2.5" x 3.5" Coloured pencil on 90lb white Stonehenge art paper

"Mitchie's Got an Owie!"
"Mitchie's All Better Now"
or Happy Mitchie

Mitchie is a cockatiel that we rescued when he was found flying outside in the Spring of 2006.

In August 2006 he started to get a growth where his right wing connected to the body. Within a week it was the size of a kid's marble. He had surgery to have it removed and had to wear that collar to keep him from worrying the wound. They don't make collars for small birds so he had to wear a collar made for a mouse. It was a bit heavy for his little neck and he walked around bent over. We had to help him eat and drink for about month until he was healed and the collar could come off.

The bottom painting is Mitch lifting his head in joy after the collar came off.

Mitchie is healthy and happy now. It has been over a year since his surgery and one cannot tell he ever had a problem. He is busy marching around the house giving everyone orders. LOL. :)

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Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 23 Aug 2012

This the Ultimate in colors and the moment, The General felt as if he had to stand there scanning the scene.

Teresa Dominici 25 Apr 2008

Very talented, I like it a lot.

jennifer blenkinsopp 13 Mar 2008

beautiful aceo, I will take a look at all of them on the site later today Ana.

Yuriy Bihusyak 28 Feb 2008

Truly spectacular! Tremendous! I Love your colors Combinatione!!!!!

Brigitte Hintner 05 Feb 2008

Wonderful pencil drawing Ana .......great work !!! Bravo :-)