Scottish Mushroom

This is a picture I took outside of the castle the Queen stays in in Scotland, UK


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Christine Higgins 22 Aug 2007

Nice contrast of texture - well done.

Lucia Stewart 22 Aug 2007

Wow, excellent photograph Meg!

Ana Tirolese 21 Aug 2007

Welcome to ArtWanted. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. I agree with Bianca (waves to Bianca) about friends help friends. This is a great image. Beautiful capture.

bianca 21 Aug 2007

nice shot...WELCOME to ARTWANTED...glad to see your friends help friends and here we meet new friends and here we learn .....hope we will see more of your talent...

Jessica Courtley-Rose 20 Aug 2007

I would love to see this imagne larger! Maybe it's something on AW?