The Sign

Then, when That Day became Today, the Sign did come. The tears of the heavens wet the ground from where It rose. The voices fell silent and the light went away. The cries had been ignored too long, the Reasoning lost gives way to the Reckoning found. From the Great Sorrow we all reap our reward for turning our backs on our brother. Too late did we realize that the sins of our brothers are the sins of us all. And in every city and town where God cast no light and no love, the Sign shall rise from the ashes, thrust deep into the heartless sky. For it is the Cross that shall be our final witness, It will cast its shadow over every soul, finally we will have our eyes forced open and see into the hearts of men, you cannot look away any longer. There is no God here. This is my dream, this is my nightmare.

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Robert Black 31 Jul 2007

I love it...

Artist Reply: Thanks Robert.