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little great fairy

last night i started another game of legend of zelda and that got me started on ideas of what to draw. what would the n64 great fairys look like if they were modest? so i started doodleing on some note paper and came up with this! isnt she cute notice that i use a new movent on her no neck.......... but it looks good ^.^ uhhhh the japanses on the side says je-esh-i-ka O_o and i forgot what her name [email protected][email protected]


Anonymous Guest

kristie taylor 04 Sep 2004

I think the background is awesome!! and the pic too, ^U^

Yasmin Newman 12 Feb 2004

Wow its really colourful ^_^

ameigh haley 31 Oct 2003

the background just drains away from the main focus of the picture, it seems such a shame to let it do that cause i rather think she's so sweet and cute!!! :3 i love her hair so much