Sanford And Son 2007

(c)2007 The space race and the need for more and more satelites has led to a virtual junkyard in orbit. Believe it or not, but there is a job at NASA where a person or persons are required to keep track of everything in orbit around the Earth. From the moon to objects the size of a thimbal. If Sanford and Son were in charge, they could make a fortune for themselves and cleanup Earth's orbit in no time. :O)

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chris evans 28 Jun 2007

coolness i love this pic

Penny Myers 28 Jun 2007

Hi Gregg, As I said in my email. I too am a Sanford and Son fan and this does remind me of them. 2007 version. Love it.

Charlotte Ottilo 27 Jun 2007

Incredible detail and wonderful colors!

Steve Farr 27 Jun 2007

Gregg, I Luv Sanford and Son, and I Luv this concept!! You manage to bring attention to things some people never thought of! Well executed with that familiar red truck amidst all that floating junk!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 27 Jun 2007

great and brilliant! love all the details!