Eliza and Salvador

Well, her new name is Slicer... This is from a future fanfic, crossing over Sonic X and Wild Thornberrys. It's a sequel to Terror Night. In this image, Eliza(Slicer) is very corrupted and attacks Salvador (not from Hybrid). I got the idea from a Sonic comic scan I've seen.


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lucy blackburn 03 Oct 2006

and...how is this meant to be a sonic comic? i m ean yeh its mixed with wild thornberrys, but there is no signs of sonic ideas!( sorry, but thats what i think) other than that is really good!

Studio EarWorm 15 Oct 2003

That comment was a compliment. Well, the part about becoming famous. You have the power....

Studio EarWorm 02 Oct 2003

You might want to ask the school nurse about mental health counseling, but if you are as crazy as I think you are, you might end up to be a famous artist one day ( in the Van Gogh tradition of insane genius ) ,,,