The Purple Grapes

(c)2007 This short animation of a vineyard represents the best of my abilities in this field at this time. I must be slow or something because I'm only just now beginning to discover new tools and techniques in creating an animated short. I guess I've gotten too settled in my ways. hehehe :O) Also,...this is a current entry in the "Purple contest",...everyone in the contest's would very much appreciate as many voters as possible,....thanks.


Anonymous Guest

judit dora 20 Jul 2008

Wery good work.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 26 May 2007

aaaaaaaaaaah, love it!!! marvellous!!!!!

Jay Amatangelo 23 May 2007

I like the shading you used on this. Gett'in more complex! Nice work man!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 May 2007

Pretty good animation.

Steve Farr 20 May 2007

Your ever-cool animations captivate me as if I were a little kid, Gregg!! Take care!!