Ewok Peace

(c)2007 It was only after the Battle for Endor that the Ewoks had peace. We can take a lesson today,...it may be a long drawn out fight,...against an enemy with no morals or ethical standards. Who sacrifice children,...children in the name of religion. Who not just once on 09-11-01 committed a cowardly act of murder upon innocent victims,...but who everyday since have repeated done so throughout Iraq and around the world,...even upon there own peoples! These terrorists are thugs, thugs who need to be erradicated for the greater good of innocent law abiding citizens throughout the world. Tonight,...FOX Network showed a ninety year old veteran being repeatedly hit by one of these thugs in a city right here in the U.S.A. With four all male bystanders looking on doing nothing to help,...not even a cell phone call! Has this nation and the rest of the so-called "free world" lost our stomach to fight for what is right???? Are we so wrapped up in our own little luxury living worlds to make a stand for liberty and justice,....for "all"???? Personally,...I'm discusted with the liberal left and their propaganda,....even the little cute furry Ewoks of Endor had more guts than they!!! hehehe :O) To the troops overseas,...my prayers are still with you and your families!!! In Jesus Name,...amen.

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Joke Schotting 16 May 2007


Mayme Crouse 16 May 2007

way to go Gregg.............

thea walstra 15 May 2007

work Gregg

Loredana 15 May 2007


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 15 May 2007

fantactic work!! adore to look at this!!!