For Ester - May you rest in peace

In memory of Ester Sani,who died at night.The grandmother of my husband.She was born 8.8.1922.She was very warm loving person.Since I know her,she always talked about her deceased husband,Isac z"l,who 1987died...always with yearning, craving,whom she loved and worship SO VERY MUCH...Just few days ago,when I last saw her,she said to me:" many years,Nira...I miss him so,I wish to meet him in heaven "...So at least she'll meet Isac in heaven ...May you rest in peace,Ester z"l-of blessed memory ,with ALL MY LOVE,Nira Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush

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ERIKA SONEGO 22 Apr 2007


Renata Cavanaugh 17 Apr 2007


Joke Schotting 16 Apr 2007

Sorry dear Nira for your loss My prayers go out to you and yours family!!!!Beautiful tribute!

helen tyralik 16 Apr 2007

beautiful memorial

Anonymous Guest (IP: 15 Apr 2007

Elegant , sad and so dignified tribute to Ester.May she meet Isac in Gan - Eden." VETEHE NISHMATA TSRURA BITSROR HACHAYIM ".Just so impressive shot, Nira.My thoughts are with you.........Hugs, Ronit.