MAN ART ...AS IF HAHA....Yes that is the title ..would u believe my client u know the one from RULES ARE MEANT 2 B BROKEN ....actually said of these works ..the i now know wat the bomb means i was shocked he liked these works on the first view i thought he wud say "no not me 2 girly" yahoo i said 2 myself.. great no drawing board and smiling tru grinding teeth ...his brief on these pieces was ..creams wit deep dark textures and it needs 2 b MAN ART like the last piece... now this work is far from the last work i did 4 him it is completly different thats why i didnd tink he wud go 4 it ...surprise surprise he luved it so we are carrying these colours tru 2 the next piece... god save us all... the sooner the better im finished this commision il well deserve my payment ...MEN there is just no pleasing them haha ur damned if u do and ur damned if u dont haha all girls out there u no wat i mean !!!!!!!!!!!ha hope u like ...the media for this is heavy textured oils and glazes.... measuring 24x48 witout spaces fashion 4 walls a.k.a. linda duffy

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Melanie Jordan 08 Nov 2007

oh I love and envy your work... its wonderful

sidney orr 19 Aug 2007

...powerful brush art... envy! do so well with the browns and beiges... Sid

Trish Gename 02 Aug 2007

Maybe he liked it because they look sorta like nipples? What ever his reason, I'm glad he liked it. I think that it is great the way it all holds together, even with the spaces between them.

Ed Fairburn 24 May 2007

nice work, it's great how one canvas moves onto the next. really breaking boundaries.

michael dangel 15 May 2007

Hey linda, this is a great one!!!!