Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw going after strawberry guava fruit. Macaws are well known as the acrobats of the bird world and often hang precariously as they dine or play. Painting is approx 7x9" and is on a light pink watercolor paper called "Neptune". Put the close up of the face right side up for those of you who get seasick easily...


Anonymous Guest

Parul Airen 09 Apr 2007

Very pretty colors... the red really stands out.

Kerra Lindsey 24 Mar 2007

OH my--I love this! I've been working on some parrots and love that I came across yours on this 'rating' search---what a fun design having him upside-down! Love it! :) -Kerra

Emily Reed 24 Mar 2007

What a wonderful painting! Just great!

helen tyralik 24 Mar 2007

nive artwork