What's Happening to the Earth

WE are all aware of it. We think "this is horrible it HAS to stop." but no one ever does anything about the poison that is spreading over the world. Maybe we cant help it maybe we can. The hand was origanally going to be purple,but I just made it silver.It was done in Pen & Ink then coloured with pencil crayon.The silver was done with a silver sharpie.

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Rebecca Mullan 18 Jul 2007

Excellent poster for the times Allanna!! Well said and well 'said' !!

Artist Reply: lol thank you so much, Hey you have the same name as my mom lol >.<

annette steens 17 Jul 2007

wonderful done, nice colours and great thoughts you have! We can clean the world by using the true words,thoughts and actings always!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much annette!that comment means alot to me :]

M. Usman Ul Haq 30 May 2007

Powerful work, Allanna. Yes it must have to be stopped some how and to stop it, its must that we spread the word of love and peace amongst the people of this world.

Artist Reply: Thank you, if only they would listen. that's why i love the song where is the love!

A penn 01 Apr 2007

Great picture with a very powerful meaning.

Artist Reply: Thank you Abby, i aprreciate it alot!

Patrick Boyle 26 Mar 2007

very powerful piece!!! Great work!!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much!