The morning air was cool and moist, the sun had not yet kissed the morning sky and the birds had begun their praises to the day. This day felt special. I went for a walk in the woods, taking in the morning air, lovely sounds, scents and colours. The wet blades of grass tickled my toes, as I picked wild flowers. Then to my surprise I heard singing in the distance, faint but hauntingly beautiful, it came and went, I followed it deeper into the woods, but I could no longer hear it. I began to feel faint, lightheaded, and out of breadth, then there was peace that came over me. I sat on the cool earth, and closed my eyes and began to feel a familiar feeling. My heart was pounding as I contained my excitement; I knew they were with me. But I had to believe&moments after I felt the soft flutter of flight on my cheek, my eye lids were kissed, as I opened to see her there before me, in a vision of purple, lavender and violet, her wings glowed and moved gracefully as she rested on a mushroom near my feet. Her eyes locked mine, we connected. Her face was enchanting, as she told me secrets sweet as sugarplum that made my heart light; we giggled, laughed and sang songs. I was a child again, I felt blessed she revealed herself to me& and as sun peeked through the trees she said her goodbyes kissed my forehead and wished me a Faery blessed day leaving a trail of violet colour behind her. I walked home feeling light, with butterflies in my stomach that made me giggle, and then I noticed around my ankle, the ring of violet flowers she entwined for me &her vision locked in my memory&

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Angela Francis 04 Apr 2006

I love the hair hiding one of her eyes. Excellent job Melissa!

Meredith Dillman 14 Dec 2004

Hey, you should join us over on the forum:)

kristie taylor 09 Aug 2004

what a face!!! My favorite one!!! love the hair and wings too!!

gina schofield 11 Jun 2004

love the expression and detail on this one!!

cile bailey 23 Sep 2003

beautiful. This is excellent work. Cile