Diggin Down Deep

I really wanted to cover a whole sheet of paper with Tribal Art but, I didn't want it to look plain so I mixed this want with an insparation and came up with this. at first I wasn't sure about the background so I decided to do it in rainbow, now i regret using red for the letting because it makes it hard to see but owell.I also regret using dark colours for the rainbow part.It took about 5 hours on a stretched basis of time.I did it with pen and felt marker.So tell me what you think , does it make you're head hurt?The original insparation was from when i was trying to get to sleep one night and then there was what looked like a shovel on the wall from a light and dark shadows and light on my wall showing a shovel, incidentaly i was listening to 'Traffic in the sky' lol.

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Jan van Baarle 02 May 2007

Amazing colors!

Artist Reply: thanks i tried to add a variety!

Jessica Xu 15 Apr 2007

Cool graphics..

Artist Reply: Thanks so much!

Sabrina Edwards 22 Mar 2007

OO I like the detail in this! :)

Artist Reply: thank you

julie Marks 11 Mar 2007

Allana, I love primitive imagery and you did a fantastic job with this beautiful textured and contasting colors giving it the sense of tribal art you were working to create. You succeeded and I love the way the words in Red, Digging Down Deep are imbeeded in the dark and light backround adding great symbolic and metaphoric meaning to your multi-dimensional work. I often pair my images with music that inspires me so I love that you included that you were listening to "Traffic in the sky." Shapes like shadows and clouds are such great imagery for our projections so keep that vital imagination flowing. Much of my work is based on projective imagery that I fine in nature so I can relate well to your inspiration. Also your space drawing is extraordinary, another one of my favorite themes. Your design sense is also wonderful.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much!Please, no dont think i did that! at the bottom of my write up it says that Thom Roslan did that!!! not me NOT ME!!! hehehehe ^.^"

Thom Roslan 10 Mar 2007

Jack Johnson would be proud Allanna.......Beautifully designed and executed !......Next time......Just a reminder BananaBread......U could always "lighten" your Rainbow symbols, So your lettering "Stands Out" this would HELP in the contrast level you were trying to present.......Just a HINT!

Artist Reply: who exactly is jack johnson.......he was the one who directed lord of the rings and king kong....right?I'll try that! thank you for the hint!