Mural and the Starfish

"Mural is a curious seahorse of the deep that was lured to the surface by the colourful rays of sunlight she sees everyday. Tempted to see what is beyond the blue world, she is aided by her starfish friend, who gently poises her to the surface so that she may feel the rays upon her pale skin. Careful of the sun's rays she wears a half clam shell hat over her soft lilac hair." I've probably watched way too many documentaries and was always facinated with seahorse and undersea creatures behavoir. Mural was inspired by the curious seahorses that cling to plants and debris to get a glimpse at anything out of the ordinary. She is created from a very strong wire armature that runs into the fingers of the starfish all the way through her entire form. She is sculpted from Prosculpt clay without the use of any molds. Her hair is real Tibetan soft Lilac Mohair and she is painted with glittery metallic acrylics. On her tail she has real Swarorski Rhinestone crystals and real rhinestone earrings. Each one of her scales at the tip of her tail were individually rolled and placed. The starfish is also painted with acrylics mixed with a bit of white sand to give a 'rough' feel to his surface (much like they are in real life). She is permantely fastened to the starfish but her shell 'hat' is removable. She also wears a real agate pendent around her neck. Copyright © 2007 Dreamborn Designs. All Rights Reserved.

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