Feb 25th Around 3000 now

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Christine brand 25 Feb 2007

The fighting can be traced back to the very first murder recorded in time, Cain and Abel, time changes, settings change, new faces appear in anger and new hands rise up in arms, only when we let go of pride, jealousy, a lust for power and selfishness will the fighting end, only when each heart lets go of the stubborn way of defiance will peace come. The reason for any war lies within each heart unable to purely love, after all these years you think we would learn but each day we fall and our sons fall with us...what is our hope? I am a fallen heart like the rest but my only hope is in Christ the one who died to end all this hatred and selfishness on a cross like this. It is not religion that destroys our world, we have done that well enough, if it were not religion or goods or land we do not share we would find another reason to war, we have written our book and lost the plot along the way in a river of blood. Now what? I can not say. All I know is there is the Holy Spirit that cries out in sorrow and in pain waiting for us to lay down our hearts of stone. If there be many rulers there shall be war...But there is one King! One Creator that is Peace who wishes to unite the world in love, you know his name.

Artist Reply: Thanks Christine. You would think we could figure out a way to stop killing each other over our differences.